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Chamomile, Moroccan Blue Organic Essential Oil

2 ml / Liquid

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Of the many Chamomiles used in aromatherapy, this little white flower is actually a special type of Tansy and is often called “Blue Tansy.” The deep indigo blue color of the essential oil emerges during the steam-distillation process. As the essential oil molecules are exposed to heat, the rich blue chamazulene forms. It is this constituent that is said to lend to its therapeutic value as a highly soothing oil.


The intensely sweet aroma of Moroccan Blue Chamomile essential oil is comforting and useful for respiratory considerations. In massage blends, it is almost unrivaled for tension, muscles, and sports recovery. In topical blends, it soothes dry or sensitive skin. Best for use in bath, compress, diffuser, aromatherapy, massage and skincare.


Odor family: Herbaceous, Sweet


Perfumery and Blending: This warm, green, herbaceous aroma lends interest to floral blends and pairs well with bergamot, cedar, geranium, lavender, cistus, clary, frankincense, ylang ylang, rose, sandalwood, patchouli, neroli, palmarosa, and marjoram.


Country of origin: Morocco


Dilute properly before application. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a cool dark place.

100% Pure Organic Moroccan Blue Chamomile (Tanacetum annuum) Essential Oil.

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Chamomile Moroccan Blue Organic Tanacetum annuum

Chamomile, Moroccan Blue Organic Essential Oil

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