Vetiver Organic Essential Oil

Vetiver Organic Essential Oil

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5 ml / Liquid

Vetiver essential oil comes from the roots of an extraordinary grass that grows in light soil in warm climates all over the world. The roots develop the essential oils over a period of 10-14 months in the ground. In regions where it is grown, people weave fragrant mats from the roots to use as floor coverings and window shades, allowing the scent to be released into the air, refreshing the home and the spirit. Our grower in Madagascar hand-harvests the roots January through April and distills in Ambanja near the north coast.

Vetiver essential oil is brown and viscous with an earthy, deep and exotic aroma that offers comforting, grounding, and soothing effects. Vetiver is useful in blends for oily skin, muscular massage, and a calming effect in times of nervousness. Try it in after-shaving or deodorant blends. Best for use in a bath, compress, diffuser, massage, perfumery, and skincare.

Odor Family: Woody

Perfumery and Blending: The woody, earthy and sweet aroma of Vetiver is so popular that it is said to be included in at least 40% of all perfumes in the world! Vetiver brings smoky, earthy and woody undertones to blends that can make the whole blend longer-lasting. It is especially popular in men’s fragrances. Vetiver blends well with lavender, rose, jasmine, oakmoss, ylang, citrus and wood oils.

Country of origin: Madagascar


Dilute properly before application. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a cool dark place.


100% Organic Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) Essential Oil.